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Cardbox | Wild Horse

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Cardbox is the perfect companion for daily need. It holds up to 10 of your most essential credit cards. In this version a the shoulder part of horse leather is used which provides an interesting texture.

Shape: Rectangular

Leather: Wild Horse Shoulder

Details: Hand molded

Closing mechanism: Slide open

Sewing: By hand

Process: Leather is washed and molded by hand, then dries for 24 in desired shape

Dimensions: w/h/l (cm): 1/6.5/13

Product Care

All SKINNOSH products are made from high quality vegetable tanned leather which will develope beautifully over time.

There is no need to use oil on the product (they are being oiled before they are shipped).

Ideally keep the item away from any form of liquid, if it happens just wipe it with a dry piece of cloth.

As most SKINNOSH pieces are hand dyed during production please be aware that some of the dye might rub off in the beginning.