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Antihero One-Piece Bag

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The “Antihero one-piece bag” is a laptop bag that does not fit a laptop.

In a world where constant engagement with digital media is at the forefront one has to wonder - is it all in vain? Have we succumbed to an endless routine? No answer is the right one but we might as well beg the question.

In doing so, the “Antihero” One-Piece bag offers an outlook on modernity that relies more on intrapersonal activities than by watching the world through a screen. The bag as token to break ones own enslavement to a culture that leaves much to be desired - to look ahead and experience emotions in the real world.

The bag is flat in profile and easy to carry by hand or with the detachable shoulder strap it comes with. The vintage military handle lies perfectly in hand.

 It features 2 main compartments that are closed via chunky metal Excella zippers. A smaller compartment at the top keeps your smaller belongings save.

The Antihero One-Piece Bag is constructed from one piece of dark grey soft horse leather, fully sewn by hand.

Please note that this bag does not fit a 13" or larger laptop as the zipper is only 30cm in length. Tablets fit easily. (but please take a break)


Shape: Rectangular

Leather: Dark grey soft horse

Details: Vintage military handle, 3 separate compartments (1 small, 2 big)

Closing mechanism: Metal Excella zips

Sewing: By hand

Process: Washed and oiled after production

Color: Grey

Dimensions: w/h/l (cm): 3/45/30

Product Care

All SKINNOSH products are made from high quality vegetable tanned leather which will develope beautifully over time.

There is no need to use oil on the product (they are being oiled before they are shipped).

Ideally keep the item away from any form of liquid, if it happens just wipe it with a dry piece of cloth.

As most SKINNOSH pieces are hand dyed during production please be aware that some of the dye might rub off in the beginning.

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